2014 Lynden Music Festival


The 2014 Lynden Music Festival team welcomes you to our events and hope you enjoy the great music!
Left to right: Landon Wynne, Janine Meloy, Dorothy Hopkins, Gaye Davis, Terhi Miikki-Broersma, Doug Broersma, Thea Mancha, Carolyn Bundy, Steve Ricci
Not pictured: Sally Hiemstra, Herm Fransen, Jamie Severson, Bobby Iaconnetti

The purpose of the “Claire de Lune” Lynden Music Festival is to celebrate Lynden and its musical heritage, paying tribute to musicians who have greatly contributed to enriching the Lynden community with music, including our inspiration – the late Claire vg Thomas. Our desire is to introduce a variety of musical genres to our community, to educate in the schools – encouraging young people to enhance their lives with music, to bring joy to the audience, and to bring quality artists from the greater northwest region and around the world to our corner of the state. The Festival exists to bring established talent from the local, national and international stage, and benefit the Pacific Northwest community with an exceptional blend of diverse musical styles and cultural influences. Lynden, WA: Lynden itself is rich in history and culture, with a still-strong Dutch influence dating back to its original settlers in 1874. Its downtown is a scenic tribute to this Dutch identity. Lynden is also the site of several annual agricultural festivals, and the Northwest Washington Fair.
General Information The 6th annual Lynden Music Festival offers music by local, national, and international artists performing from a variety of genres in several different venues throughout the town of Lynden, WA. Venues include the Jansen Art Center, Lynden Pioneer Museum, The Dutch Village Mall, Claire vg Thomas Theater, local businesses, coffee shops and more.