The Joy that music brings to our community was well-proven when we celebrated Lynden’s first Whiskey Walk early in September. Our beautiful downtown was “hopping”, and it was the music which made our venues and stores shine even more! Our October festival continues to celebrate many different venues in our downtown! This year, we have several pianists landing in Lynden and sharing many different genres of music. You will hear Rhapsody in Blue, Beatles tunes, beautiful worship piano, etc. We purchased a “Festival Baldwin Piano” which will be played by several pianists and at the end of the week, we will donate it to a talented young musician who needs an instrument!

You can also join a world-renowned throat singer and teacher, Matthew Kocel, on a sacred sound journey for a healing, heart-centering, mind-opening throat singing and voice activation workshop at the beautiful Lynden Yoga Collective. Last year, we brought swing dancing to Lynden, and now we are adding Cuban Salsa music with a special guest, Afro-Cuban dancer Felix Bambury Webb.

Our talented festival photographers have created 2024 calendar so you will have a taste of us carrying you through the year and reminding you to come back to Lynden from October 9-13, 2024, when we celebrate our 15-year journey of bringing JOY to people with LIVE MUSIC!

There is season, turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under Heaven
-The Byrds-